Francois Hurtaud Portrait


François Hurtaud begun his design career in 2008 as a studio designer after graduating from Masters Degree in Advanced Studies in Cross-cultural Design at Shanghai University and a Bachelor in Industrial Design at L’Ecole de Design de Nantes in France. 

Hurtaud then headed the design force for several consumer goods companies where he demonstrates his understanding of the power of social and sustainable design, cross-cultural and the precarious balance of function and form in luxury design and production. 

Since his childhood, Hurtaud has always had the passion for art, science and technology; passions that he cultivated and improved through formal educations and apprenticeship in design. Having the chance of working in different countries, agencies and companies, exploring multitude aspects of designs, he now thinks of design as an equation, trying to find creative solutions to balance between functionality & aesthetics, sustainability & profitability, viability & legitimacy. Hurtaud’s designs has received multiple international design awards and accolades, such as Good Design Ward, Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award and A' Design Award.

Overall, the design process must converge after, Nigel Cross (2000)


Each project is different on its own. In order to find innovative, relevant answers and solutions adapted to a brief, it is essential to set a strong methodology. Mostly, Hurtaud's design follows three steps:

  • A reasearch & analysis phase that leads to creative directions.

  • A conceptual & formalization phase to shape and visualize.

  • A development & finalization phase to concretise a concept.