Qimini Pocket - Qi Wireless Charger

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Qimini Pocket - Qi Wireless Charger


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  • The Future of Charge. Bringing mobile technology to a whole new level, by enabling your mobile devices to be truly mobile.

  • Forget about cables! Qimini™ replaces your cables by charging your devices wirelessly. Simply place your device on it and let the magic happen.

  • Works with all Qi-enabled devices. Qimini™ is supported by the Qi wireless technology. It functions flawlessly with any Qi-enabled accessory.

  • Outstanding Design. Qimini™ has been awarded with a Red Dot Design & Good Design Award 2013. We are very happy of the title, as this is proof of the quality of the product. Qimini™ has been designed with love. We paid attention to all of the details to bring you a beautifully created product.

  • Ultra Compact. Qimini™ is mini, really mini. With its thickness of 9mm, we have carefully designed all components to function powerfully in a small package.

  • Bring it along. Unlike other wireless charging pads, Qimini™ is the only one that is truly mobile. It's so tiny that it fits perfectly almost everywhere.

  • Discreet. With only a single discreet LED indicator, this may just be your answer to unnerving charging sound or light notifications by most mobile chargers at wee hours.

  • Tuck-away cable. The USB cable is designed to the tucked away snugly with an invisible magnet.

  • Supported by Qi. Qi (pronounced "chee"), comes from the Chinese symbol meaning energy. It has been designed to provide energy to devices through magnetic induction. Qi is the standard of wireless charging as Bluetooth is to wireless data transfer. Qimini is Qi-certified

  • Can be plugged to any USB port. Qimini™ functions with a simple USB. This is really convenient because you don't have to carry the usual AC/DC adaptor along.

  • Charges as fast as a cable, minus the cable. It powers up to 1A on various receivers so you can have top-speed yet hassle-free charging.

  • How does it work? Qimini™ includes an induction system that creates an alternating electromagnetic field. Meanwhile, a similar system within the device is able to pick up this field, convert the energy into current and use it to charge your phone.

Tech Specs:

  • Input: 5V

  • Output:5V/1A

  • USB

  • Material: Soft Touch

  • Diameter: 90mm

  • Thickness: 9mm

Shipping & Delivery:

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